· Photographs, Class reunion pictures. · Yearbooks: · California Area High School - 1947-79, 1981-90, 1999-2000, 2002-04, 2006, 2008-09. · Calhiscope - 1926-28, · California Middle School - 1979-82 · California College - 1930-2010 · East Pike Run Bucaneer - 1937, 38, 46 · Eastonian - 1927-30 · Names & Pictures- 1941, 1946-48 ·
Artifacts - Coal Mining, riverboats, and transportation. Household furnishings and equipment. Memorabilia - Community organizations, Local businesses. Textiles - Antique clothing and accessories, flags, and military uniforms.
Washington Counties histories - Beers, Crumrine McFarland. Fayette County histories - Ellis. Subject files - Business, Industries, Churches, Events, Schools. Caldwell’s Atlas. 1879 - Greene & Washington Counties. Washington County Agricultural directory - 1915. Thurston’s Directory of Monongahela Valley - 1859.
Do you know that the Society has an extensive collection of over 40,000 funeral home records. California Area - Records include the D’Altorio, Hines & Leadbetter, Caleffie & Greenlief, Eckerts, Greenlief, and Mariscotti funeral homes. Brownsville - Law Funeral Home, The Novack Funeral Home has donated copies of he former Crawford, Kisinger, Luce, and Ross establishments. Beallsville- The Society has processed notices from Greenlee and Thompson & Marodi
Genealogy files - over 1,000 folders on local families. Bible records. Birth announcements. Cemetery record - Society volunteers have photographed and recorded inscriptions in over 400,000 tombstones from 132 local cemeteries including the following: Highland, Holy Trinity, Howe, Mt. Calvary, Philipsburg, Mt. Tabor, Monongahela, Maple Creek, Bentleyville Newkirk, Old West Episcopal, St. Dominic, St. Mary, St Michael, Fayette City Public, & Horseshow Baptist. CD’s with this information (name, inscription, & photograph) are available at the Society for Highland, Holy Trinity, Mt. Calvary, Philipsburg, and Howe cemeteries. Census indices and extractions, microfilm & CD’s. Census records - 1850-1910. Estate notices, family reunion notices, obituaries (over 50,000 on file), engagement, wedding and anniversary notices, Will indices, Mining payroll records.
Burial records - Billilngsley GAR Post - 18 census. Widows, Surviving soldiers, Marines, Regimental histories. Civil war Veteran’s listings and clippings from Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.
Historical extractions and indicies from local newspapers: California Focus, California Sentinal ( including 1904 historical edition), Roscoe Ledger. Voice of the Mon, Washington Examiner Record. Washington Observer-Reporter, and Mon Valley news clippings. Monongahela Daily Republican.
Ticket booth - Hollywood Theater 1938 - 1978. Marquee - Lyric Theater 1904 to app. 1930.
Harry Harris collection - Over 1,200 photographs and negatives from the Harry Harris Photography 1900 - 1950 Additional 14,800 photographs donated by local residents.